This piece covers many common faults with BlackBerry handsets with advice on how to easily fix them.

Cracked or damaged exhibit

A faulty BlackBerry display can manifest itself in several ways, from the obvious damaged or leaking display to be able to dead pixels, leaking colors or obviously any good very dim back-light. Usually a replacement is sizzling hot to resolve this, however daunting this sounds in most cases very easy due to the mass-production involved in smart phone assembly meaning all parts were created to be modular and easy to replace.

My BlackBerry screen features frozen

This type of fault is usually common to most electronic devices and computers. Like your PC, the most common fix is usually a reboot.

You can reboot your current BlackBerry by either holding down ALT+CAP+DEL to do a soft-reset, or by locating the hard-reset button within the back of your device which often can usually be pressed while using end of a paper clip.

Should your BlackBerry don’t you have a hard-reset button, removing the battery regarding 60 seconds should work.

My recent call logs and sms have disappeared

A symptom of low memory on the phone. Since smartphones can run multiple applications as well (known as multi-tasking) the available memory could be consumed quite easily. Not a problem about older phones, since they would generally run one task at a time.

To remedy this fault try closing any net browsing or multimedia (music players etc) sessions you might have running in the qualifications. In future try to ensure you quit applications when you find yourself finished using them rather than moving onto the next task – all too easy to do without realising.

Your recent calls and messages will not re-appear, but any new emails and calls will must be logged properly. If you are still having problems try a full cool reboot by removing this battery for 60 moments.

Track ball no longer clicks when pressed

If your roller golf ball moves and tracks evidently but the click function will no longer works, you will need to switch the trackball contact transition. We will have these types of in stock soon.

Track ball no for a longer time moves, or sticks

If your roller golf ball intermittently moves or gives jerky movement you have some lint or pocket fluff stuck inside.

The first fix make an attempt is blowing some compressed air to the roller to clear this out. If you find this roller ball is faulty, we stock replacement roller balls and possess BlackBerry disassembly instructions offered.